I received advice and explanations that I had never heard in 20 hours of driving school.

For nearly ten years, I have had my license but I have never taken pleasure in driving because the stress never left me. Every opportunity was good not to take the car. Little by little and because of my anxiety attacks (which became more pronounced when I became a mother), I no longer touched the steering wheel.Four years passed but the shame of not driving and the lack of independence became heavy to bear.
Searching the internet for the reasons for my anxieties, I discovered what "amaxophobia" was and the site "Go for safe driving". What a nice surprise to read the testimonials, to feel less alone and above all to see that a solution could exist.

The day of my first lesson, it is with fear in my stomach that I show up. After an hour of theory, which was more than necessary (I was a little rusty on the highway code side), I board with Rodolphe to first drive around roundabouts. The stress mounts and I'm tense all over. However, quite quickly, thanks to the benevolence and experience of Rodolphe as well as his advice on how to hold the steering wheel correctly, I feel a little better. Moreover, the first and invaluable piece of advice I receive is to say out loud what I do and should do behind the wheel when the stress mounts. After four hours, I drive alone and I am surprised to take pleasure in it and to talk all along the way.

During the following sessions, Rodolphe makes me go through all the intersections that frightened me even as a passenger (all these arrows, all these traffic lights, etc.) and through all the narrow streets and/or with a good priority on the right. He insists on reactivity and the look and I see myself progressing. Today and after ten hours of sessions, I feel more serene at the wheel, more in control of the vehicle and above all more independent.
My experience is very positive. I received advice and explanations that I had never heard in 20 hours of driving school. I can't thank my coach enough and I recommend him to everyone.

I wasn't really afraid but I was conditioned, paralyzed just at the thought of taking the highway.

After several years without daring to drive on the highway, I decided to contact Rodolphe.
I was very skeptical at the start. My problem seemed insurmountable and I did not see what an anti-stress coaching would bring me. I had done therapies, I knew how to drive, I wasn't really afraid but I was conditioned, paralyzed just at the thought of taking the highway. This irrational, paralyzing fear prevented me from living freely. I had nothing more to lose. In 4 hours of coaching, Rodolphe worked miracles. He gave me back my self-confidence, he valued me enormously. With various simple tricks, I changed certain habits: hold my steering wheel better, position my feet and my chair better and above all project my gaze further. During this coaching, I rode without fear, I was so proud and happy.
Now it's up to me to continue, to return regularly and to use his advice.
I strongly recommend Rodolphe's anti-stress coaching.
Thanks to him !

Finally I have recovered back my autonomy thanks to Go Safe Driving and Mr Koentges' excellent guidance

Fifteen years ago, I had a traumatic experience on the motorway which put me in a state of deep anxiety everytime i went on the motorway. I tried seeing more than one psychologist, I pushed myself to face again the motorway on Sudays when it was calmer, but alas though I may have managed small distances, I was petrified, hyperventilating, eyes dilating and waiting for an accident to happen...

Mr Koentges explained to me that many people actually get sucha trauma, but they also manage to overcome it with the right advice. After the first lesson with Mr Koentges, I already realised a number of mistakes in my driving which caused my confidence to abate. Correcting these mistakes, already helped me feel more in control of what I was doing. Getting to know better one's own car also helps a lot. By the second session, I had already gaining speed in my driving and I could scan further the motorway with much less fear. By the third lesson, I was driving at a regular speed, in flow with the rest of the traffic, while I was being prudent. Practice is of course essential and I need to keep it up. However, reviewing well the highway code, correcting one's misconceptions and getting to know better one's car - what Mr Koentges offers to his students already in the first lesson, is a huge step forward to more confident and correct driving. After a few lessons, guarding preciously Mr Koentges' advice and positive attitude, I have gained back so much autonomy. I can now drive safely my children to visit other towns and cities. I highly recommend Mr Koentges' lessons.
A big thank you indeed.

Thanks to Go For Safe Driving

At 40, it had been more than 15 years since I dared to go up a motorway without really being able to determine the causes. This situation was obviously very disabling in my family life (travel, driving the children to games ... ). It was therefore with great expectations that I called on Mr. Koentges. The result was at the level of my expectations: a method and a professionalism which aims to find sustainable solutions for the driver. I can only invite people who are anxious at the mere idea of getting back on the highway to call on Mr. Koentges. I personally found a "normal" life as a driver on the highway. This is a very important relief for me.
Thanks to Go For Safe Driving

I keep your advice preciously

Hello Mr. Koentges,

I am writing to you following the anti-stress coaching that I followed with you in this month of November 2018. First of all I wanted to thank you, I left this training more light, secure and with more confidence in me.

It was not won, however. I told you that it’s been a few months since I have had a discomfort while driving. Panic attacks, dizziness, tetany at the thought of taking the motorway or having to overtake even a truck. This new "phobia" is all the more disabling and stressful being a mother with young children regularly in the back of the vehicle.

The theoretical presentation at the start of the training was a very useful reminder before hitting the road. The repetitive course, the complexity of which was increasing, allowed me to be comfortable and learn to adopt the right posture, at the right distance.

Despite my great stress at the idea of ​​taking the motorway, you were able to be reassuring and give me advice as you went along. Result: highway, speed and overtaking were not without difficulty but were nevertheless made possible and even rather fluid!

I keep your advice preciously and will try to apply it each time I take my vehicle. One thing is certain, the fear of driving is now giving way to envy. Thank you.


Glad to have had this experience

I did this training because I lacked confidence since, following 2 accidents, I have not driven regularly for 10 years.

The "GO FOR SAFE DRIVING" course was confusing for me because it made me aware of all the vigilance that was lacking in my attitude as a driver. It was actually quite stressful 3 hours, "will I get there?" . And then I left with my little car, exercising each of the lessons / advice ... Glad to have had this experience.

Today, after 2 months, I can say that every day I think of the benefits that I got from the training: I no longer doze off behind the wheel because I have multiplied by 5 the attention to what is surround, I drive with much more confidence, I dare to pick up speed, no more clumsy braking because I constantly anticipate (eco-driving thank you) and also ... which is very new for me, I drive with pleasure ... who would have believed it!

What else can I say? ah yes: I would recommend this training to everyone !!!


From the first session, I knew that I had found the answer to my question

It's been 6 years since I got my driver's license. Once I got it, I couldn't practice overwhelmed with fear. I was afraid of big vehicles, of hitting the highway, of killing someone, of misjudging my actions and consequently of causing a road accident.

Believing that the problem was psychological, I consulted a psychologist who explained to me that my need to maintain control prevented me from confronting myself with driving. Yes, I want to stay in control, but how? How can I be sure that what I do while driving is not dangerous? Not having been able to get this answer, I stayed at the starting point with my fears.

After some research, I came across the testimonies of people who followed coaching with Rodolphe Koentges. From the first session, I knew that I had found the answer to my question: how to keep control of my vehicle safely. It changed everything!

Today I find myself dreaming that I drive, whereas before it was worthy of a great nightmare. I thank Rodolple who undoubtedly participated in the gaining of my independence as an adult. New doors open to me! "

S. B.

I have already regained some confidence in myself, but also in my vehicle

Dear Mr. Koentges,

Intervening events make me postpone each time an email that I wanted to write to you.

This time I'm enjoying your time on TV.

I want to thank you very much for all of your little tips and tricks that you taught me during your 4-hour anti-stress coaching.

Since the latter, I have already regained some confidence in myself, but also in my vehicle.

I wanted to let you know that I talked a lot about you to the medical team that accompanies me, also close to my acquaintances, clients and friends.

As soon as I am able to resume an appointment with you in order to continue the work that we have started.

Another big thank you to you and do not hesitate to send me your emails. it is with pleasure that I will read them.


There is no age to learn

Like many people of my generation, I learned to drive when I was 18 years old. At 19, I had my license in my pocket and drive the car


  • Test ONLINE
    2021-09-28 10:46:25
    Après avoir pris 30 heures dans une auto-école de Bruxelles plus 6 heures de préparation à l’examen et roulé près de 6 mois seule c’est assez confiante et encouragée par mon moniteur que je décidai de m’inscrire à l’examen pratique à Evere. Malheureusement, je ne le réussis pas. L’examinateur me dit que j’avais encore beaucoup de petites choses à travailler : je roulais trop lentement, n’étais pas assez sûre de moi et n’anticipais pas assez. Ayant été un peu déçue de mon auto-école avec laquelle j’avais finalement peu appris et surtout été mal préparée, je décidai de faire quelques recherches sur internet et tomba assez rapidement sur le site Go For Safe Driving de Rodolphe. Comme j’aime à le dire, il n’y a pas de hasard dans la vie et ma rencontre avec Rodolphe en est encore la preuve. Je pris donc contact avec lui et il fixa très vite un premier rendez-vous lors duquel, en moins de dix minutes, il avait compris ce qui n’allait pas comme notamment : ma position, ma technique du regard, mon manque d’anticipation. Rodolphe établit, dès lors, un programme et à partir de la semaine suivante nous nous sommes vus plusieurs fois pendant 3 semaines. Rodolphe a beaucoup d’expérience et une bonne pédagogie. Ses coachings sont riches, bien préparés et pensés pour nous faire réussir l’examen. On sent qu’avec lui on n’est pas juste un élève parmi d’autres, il a une approche individuelle pour chaque personne et travaille avec beaucoup de bienveillance sur nos lacunes et difficultés. J’ai bien plus appris avec lui que pendant mes 36 heures prises à l’auto-école. Dans la foulée, après avoir été bien coachée, j’ai enfin réussi mon examen pratique. Maintenant ma conduite est totalement différente et j'ai mon permis de conduire officiel! Je suis plus confiante, j’anticipe plus qu’avant, mes créneaux sont précis, je sais parfaitement où me positionner sur la chaussée et j’éprouve désormais du plaisir à rouler. Les conseils de Rodolphe m’ont permis de réussir l’examen mais me seront également utiles à vie. Mille mercis Rodolphe !
  • Melis C.
    2017-07-07 15:00:26
    C’est avec plaisir que j’ai pu constater l’intérêt qu’ils portaient à vos conseils, et surtout les questions qu’ils vous ont posés pendant cette formation. (..) Je ne regrette pas cette formation et même plus je la conseille au professionnel de la route .Monsieur Leenen Administateur gérant de la société City Tax
  • Iza A.
    2017-07-07 15:00:17
    En résume ce jour là j'ai pris une lessivée que je n'oublierai jamais, et j'ai passé une journée qui va résonner longtemps dans ma mémoire. J'ai appris énormément de choses en peu de temps. Quant à Francorchamps, superbe, impressionnant, très technique… JJL

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