Two concepts not to be confused

Two concepts not to be confused

Two concepts not to be confused

Today, many drivers wish to follow advanced driving courses in a master's center with the objective of gaining experience in defensive / preventive driving. The advantage of following these internships for such a purpose is ultimately of little use.

In fact, during a car mastery course, you evolve on a slippery track where you can repeat obstacle avoidance exercises as many times as you want in order to succeed in the end, and where the concept of danger and space is distorted.

However, in daily traffic, you do not have the right to a second chance, the danger is present and space is limited.

Assume that to avoid an obstacle, you must deviate from your path to the right, you will hit a parked car or crush pedestrians on the sidewalk, or crash into a pole, a tree and if none of this fall into a ravine… And if, due to bad luck, you have the wrong reflex to veer to the left, you will go for a frontal with the truck opposite.

In automobile master’s courses, instructors also teach you how to apply emergency braking and optimize the use of driving aids such as ABS or ESP.

But never forget that you are moving through traffic in the midst of users who themselves will not be able to perform such braking and will strike you and send you anyway in the vehicle in front of you. 

At Go For Safe Driving, your coaching is personalized because your experienced coach is by your side to give you all the right advice and "tips" for driving.

Very often in the control centers, in order to reduce the fees, you are alone on board. The monitor, from the outside, advises you, via walkie-talkie ... and therefore has no control over your movements.

On the road, as on the master track, your safety is priceless ...

After 5 years of experience in master's schools and aware of this, I created in 1996 my school "Go For Safe Driving" in order to offer defensive / preventive driving courses in daily traffic, in situations that you will not find on a master track. I personally coach and share my experience of the road during a 4 hour training course with the motorist with his personal vehicle so that he is in his usual environment and familiar with the technology of his vehicle, that it is a vehicle of traction, propulsion, 4X4 type, and with or without driving aids (ABS, ESP, etc.). With my coaching, you will learn to anticipate danger on the road and in addition, reduce the risk of accident, mechanical wear, and fuel consumption. By applying this, you will also be calmer behind the wheel and drive in a more economical and ecological way. Because to drive well is to drive in an intelligent way by applying a cool driving.

If you already know how to apply all of this and would like to acquire additional driving skills, I would be happy to coach you in the context of motor skills training on a slippery track. More information here!



  Do not hesitate to contact me at +32 (0)477 808 808 . You can also send me a message.


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