To the manager of the Economic Auto New Services sprl garage in 1140 Brussels

Thank you for the eco-driving course I had with Mr. Koentges.

This course was really very interesting especially since it was completely personalized.

Mr. Koentges turns out to be a very involved teacher who listens to his students.

His comments and advice were and are very useful to me, and I hope to implement them every day, although to make the most of them, it takes much more than 2 hours of practice.

But these 2 hours are a real beautiful gift, and open up enriching perspectives.

I also plan to improve myself by his side.

If, despite everything, I had a small flat to bring to the course, it is the technical aspect which, sometimes, is a little too long or too technical precisely, especially when you are driving and you are concentrating on the implementation of the advice received.

But I think that this is due to the perfectionism of Mr. Koentges who wants to bring you a maximum of useful information for eco-driving.

And then, perhaps also, these technical aspects are better perceived by a male audience than by a female audience. In any case it is my case, although that is interesting.

I will not fail to make known around me all the good that I think of this lesson and encourage my knowledge to take such a course. 

Thank you once again for this beautiful gift.


Valérie S

Time is money.

Hello Mr Koentges

This little letter to thank you for this Eco Driving course received this morning (June 12, 2010).

I thought I knew, knew my vehicle, was a "good driver", and was already driving economically.

As Gabin said "now I know you never know!"

After following the training and on the second course, I saved 0.6l / 100.

This may seem insignificant, but calculated on the number of km / year and the price of fuel, the calculation is simple, I will save +/- 180 € / year !!!

In addition, on the course, I gained 3 minutes (quite insignificant some would say, yes but on a course of 21 km, that multiplied, by days… don't we say time is money? ??)

I'm already super happy with the sobriety of my Skoda Superb, I will now be able to appreciate it even better.

Thank you again, as well as your colleague for the advice provided.

Very cordially


Yvan V.

A day full of advice

Dear Mr. Koentges,

It was a real pleasure to have met you during this “Ecodriving-Workshop”!

A few words: intelligence, relevance and professionalism!

One regret: not enough time for the multiple questions I could have asked you! Regardless, the quality was there.

One “tip”: these courses are worth… the “detour”!


R. Van Hooland

Eco, doesn't mean snail

Thank you for this morning of February 13, 2010, we discover its daily errors and thanks to the quality and simplicity of the advice provided during these 3 hours of training.

We realize that driving eco, does not mean like a snail, on the contrary because the end result is surprising; less fuel, less time and better average.

Recommend to any driver !!!! and again thank you RODOLPHE

Immediate results

Thank you for the good info and tips on Eco Driving, returning to the house we have already tested your advice, especially the vision before maneuvers in crossroads and roundabouts and it's true we brake less and we drive more flexible, it's even more fun to ride and I no longer put myself in neutral to let myself roll, thinking of reducing my consumption.

We will follow your advice, which gives results my wife and I say thank you and also for coffee, continue to reduce our consumption, we are happy.

Elvira Henri


I had the opportunity to take the eco-driving course (won during the IS Tennis challenge) with Rodolphe Koentges last week.

This course was really very interesting and very instructive, as much on the “global” way of driving style as on the “eco-driving” aspect (which really works; “I tested for you”; time saving and reduction consumption icon smile Stage Eco Driving).

In short, I can only recommend this course, which brings as much on the “ecological” (and economic) level as on the “safety” level of driving…

Happy New Year celebrations, and see you soon (on a tennis court?).



Skoda Ecodriving


I have always had in myself a behavior that I believed to be economical and I actually relied on average consumption.

But from there to complete the route with a reduction in time of 2 minutes, an increase in average speed and less consumption: it must be done to believe it.


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