Maitrise sur sol glissant  - Go For Safe Driving (GFSD)

What are the behaviors to adopt or avoid when the road is slippery, icy or snowy? What to do when you lose control of your car?

In conditions where the grip of your vehicle is reduced, it is important to know how to react quickly and well. This is why we have established anti-skid training, on a track specially designed for this purpose, in order to increase control of your vehicle, and better understand the risks and traps of the road.

At Go For Safe Driving, your coaching is personalized because your experienced coach is by your side to give you all the right advice and "tips" for driving (position of hands on the steering wheel, feet on the pedals and speed of anticipation not reaction of your movements)

Very often in the other control centers, in order to reduce the prices, you are alone on board. The monitor, from the outside, advises you, via walkie-talkie ... and therefore has no control over your movements.

As on the road, on the master track, your safety is priceless ...

We also organize "defensive driving" coaching in daily traffic. Click here

By better car control on slippery ground, you will no longer be afraid to take the wheel, and will be able to react efficiently and calmly in the event of a perilous situation.

Click on the link of your choice:

Please do not hesitate to contact meat +32 (0)477 808 808 for more information on our anti-skid training, driving training and our master's courses on slippery surfaces. You can also send me a message.


  • Melis C.
    2017-07-07 15:00:26
    C’est avec plaisir que j’ai pu constater l’intérêt qu’ils portaient à vos conseils, et surtout les questions qu’ils vous ont posés pendant cette formation. (..) Je ne regrette pas cette formation et même plus je la conseille au professionnel de la route .Monsieur Leenen Administateur gérant de la société City Tax
  • Iza A.
    2017-07-07 15:00:17
    En résume ce jour là j'ai pris une lessivée que je n'oublierai jamais, et j'ai passé une journée qui va résonner longtemps dans ma mémoire. J'ai appris énormément de choses en peu de temps. Quant à Francorchamps, superbe, impressionnant, très technique… JJL
  • Annelien R.
    2017-07-07 15:00:08
    L’activité est à recommander à tout ceux qui désirent, en toute convivialité, mieux comprendre leur véhicule et l'ensemble des systèmes d'aide à la conduite et qui ne craignent pas, d’intentionnellement, se mettre en « situation » périlleuse. La fratrie Sandrine, Martin et Jérôme

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