Racing driving coaching at Francorchamps
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I want to thank you for this unforgettable day, forever engraved in my memory like a child's Christmas.

Very early on, I was fascinated by motor sports, which led me to become interested in motorcycles around the age of 16, age at which we have the right to drive one, it's fantastic to do it yourself and not just watch others do it.
Of course I passed my driving license at 18 and got interested in cars. With my brother, we were always looking for a good plan to be able to touch the sensations that come from driving a car, we, with the means available, did auto cross with the "Little Pots", we we bought wrecks of motorcycles and cars and put them back on their feet, we went karting. Our dream was for both of us to live in this world of motor racing, and to do so, my brother studied automotive expertise and I studied electromechanical engineering. But life decided otherwise and I found myself in construction. Not letting go of my interest in motorsports, I continued to go karting and bought cars with always a little more horsepower under the hood but, on the road you have to be careful.
Arrived at the age of 50, I tell myself that it is the last straight line and that it is now or never that it is necessary to realize my dreams, after it will be too late, I will no longer be able physically . Besides, I still am, I already feel my physical condition drastically decrease and the young go-getter that I was has given way to a man full of doubts. So I decided, for my 50th birthday to buy me a car a little powerful and which will allow me to go to roll in Francorchamps, a day of Track Day. But how do you choose?
I, like everyone else, have always loved Ferraris, Porsches, ...... and it is an important investment.
So I asked you for advice and you, Rodolphe, you explained to me very kindly and with passion the advantages and disadvantages of the cars between which I hesitated. You allowed me to choose "My Car" with full confidence and I'm very happy with it. A big thank you Rodolphe for your good advice and your kindness.

When I had driven my car enough to consider driving on the circuit, it was therefore natural that I contacted you to coach me. I asked myself a lot of questions and I had a lot of hesitations, friends told me that I did not need a coach, that it was spending my money unnecessarily. but deep down, I didn’t want to take the risk of "missing" the realization of my dream by ending up on the rail or not daring to drive fast enough for fear of damaging my car.
So I told you about my request and you regularly sent me coaching proposals by email, whenever a date arose. I wanted it to be dry and my work to allow me to free myself that day. This day has finally arrived, I contacted you to confirm my desire to do Track Day with you.
In the days leading up to D-Day, you answered all of my questions and gave me all the practical information you need to arrive with peace of mind on the circuit so that by arriving on the morning of D-Day at the circuit, we were already accomplices.

I had never driven on a big circuit but I thought that with a good car and my experience it would go smoothly. I had a discovery day on the Abbeville circuit in a Ferrari.
But, during the first session, I find myself in the middle of all these different cars, some of which are driven by experienced drivers and who know the circuit well. They pass me at full speed, making me inside the turn just when I commit to it or passing me between two turns at the location of my path. I am suddenly overcome with a terrible feeling of anxiety "I'm not going to get out of it, what to do?" brake or not brake, keep the trajectory or change but go where? "I was very far from the nice little lap in Abbeville where each car is driven by an amateur who discovers the circuit like me and follows the instructions of his coach. It also had nothing to do with karting where you can touch each other without damage. Here it is my car and the speeds are important and the other drivers are free to drive.
That's when I hear Rodolphe's calm and calm voice say to me: "there is one coming, put your flasher to the right and slowed down to let it pass here, so you won't be bothered in the bend "Or" brake here, look at the rope point there and go "

Rodolphe, calm and reassuring, steering my steering wheel from time to time to correct my trajectory, very gently, this is what I need to


Thank you Rodolphe for your patience and for sharing your expertise, it was ... great!

Wednesday September 30, 2015, 7 a.m.…

Rodolphe guides me towards the entrance of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, we emerge from the tunnel to discover in the internal parking lot a pack of Porsche super-prepared for the track. Moment of panic, what am I doing here?

Rodolphe reassures me: "It is more homogeneous, therefore easier to manage than at all mixed ..." Yeah ...

Full sun on this superb, magical circuit, I am flabbergasted and apprehensive, stress wins me over.

Pit-stop at the large buffet which remains open all day and compulsory briefing for all, it is very well organized, the marshals are present in full on the course, it reassures me a little.

We are getting ready, GoPro cameras, helmet, gloves, tow hook on the body,

take your place in the line and then take a turn behind the pace-car at 80 ... most are already starting to push ... the adrenaline is a thousand!

Let's go !

My Focus ST rumbles with its 250 horsepower and does what it likes: galloping full speed!

On the car side I already feel that I will not have any worries, it ensures ... it is not my case.

Rodolphe starts his hard work, teach me the difference between the circuit and normal traffic,

but I know, damn it! Yes, in theory ...

The first session of 45 min. is lamentable, at the first interval I am flat on the moral side, I feel null, I say it and Rodolphe answers me: It is well, you do realize it!

Small stop at the buffet and a little theory, the exposed photos of the champions serving as examples.

I feel tiny.

On the second outing I promise to listen better, and especially to perform better, it's a mass

information to manage at all times.

Rodolphe teaches me to re-park, and I who thought I was looking ... never far enough!

He constantly corrects me, protects me from overpowered Porsche GT4, Lotus, Caterham and BMW M

that stick to my ass and distract me.

This second sequence is better, I already succeed three or four trajectories out of 20.

At the next pit stop he offers to take the wheel of my car to show the ideal trajectories. I accept. Obviously follows a crazy fast circuit, where Rodolphe drives with the tips of his fingers, the Porsches no longer pass, the ST follows without suffering in the least. I can't say the same for myself ... between Stavelot and the Bus-stop I almost piss in my pants: according to Rodolphe it would be a straight line, not for me, hahaha, I laugh dark yellow.

From there I felt more reassured and over the hours I succeeded up to sometimes 50% of good trajectories, and the most important: I start to see my mistakes and that one second before committing them. I tell myself that the whole purpose of the operation is that !!!

Rodolphe now alternates congratulations and shouts, I start to smile, it's much better!

Summarizing that day I took a wash that I will never forget, and I spent a day that will resonate for a long time in my memory.

I learned a lot in a short time.

As for Francorchamps, superb, impressive, very technical, sometimes frightening, always fascinating.

One day I will have to repeat this same experience, there is still much to improve, but now I know I can do it.

Thank you Rodolphe for your patience and for sharing your expertise, it was ... great!



Thank you Rodolphe for your patience and for sharing your expertise, it was ... great!

2nd testimony of JJL - April 14, 2017

Here we are back at Francorchamps for a second circuit driving coaching. At the first attempt my stress was enormous and I gave myself 4/10.

This time I prepared myself well: slept well, not stressed, determined to have fun and listen to my coach by the second. I know congratulations are hard to get ...


For months I learned the circuit by heart with a poster on the wall of my office, it is engraved in my memory, good god it is great this circuit ...

My Focus ST has gained 35 horsepower, 10 kg of torque and lost 52 kgs. dead weight, plus sports pads from Mountune.

From the first laps Rodolphe noticed my more relaxed and attentive attitude. I feel like it will work great today. As it is too early to start with the congratulations he says "your car drives better" 

I feel really good, confident in my coach, in my box and in my possibilities. Eternal problem: the pure-circuit cars, faster, but now I react faster, Rodolphe reminds me: "Brake a little bit to get rid of it and quickly resume your optimal trajectory"

I find myself smiling frequently, each time I see a box taking a dubious trajectory for example, Rodolphe forces me to maintain the ideal line, so ideal that I often get rid of more powerful cars


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