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Driving licence, driving courses, driving safely, ecodriving
advanced driving centre for another way of driving !

An award-winning racing driver since 1981, Rodolphe Koentges uses his long experience to offer a range of coaching programmes for a better approach to driving on the road.

All in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Do you need a professional, experienced coach to reduce your stress while driving? 

Thanks to our "stress- management"  coaching your fears about  driving, anxiety attacks, phobias and EMDR will just be distant, bad memories ... 

Do you have your valid provisional license after 20 hours of lessons with the driving school?
Are you ready to take your practical driving test?
Do you want to stand the best possible chance of passing?
You’ve come to the right place !
Rodolphe Koentges coaches you in stress-free driving to help you take the test calmly and with confidence.

Our "driving defensive / preventive / safely / courses" training will give you the skills you need to feel in complete control on the road and anticipate unexpected events. 

Do you want to learn how to adopt a more ecological way of driving (Ecodriving - Ecodrive) reduce your fuel consumption and respect the environment? 

Do you want to learn how to control your vehicle on slippery ground? Be able to control skids, know what to do and especially what not to do when your vehicle no longer does what you want it to? Come train on the track at our Advanced Driving Centre

Ours is a personalized method, adapted to the needs of each individual, which can give you the confidence to get back on the road again after an accident 

You can also drive your vehicle on a famous track (Francorchamps, etc ...) for the thrill of a lifetime being coached by an experienced racing driver or why not give your friends and family the gift of a drive in a prestigious racing car? 

 Visit our website now  to learn more or contact us+32 (0)477 808 808  for further information on Cooldriving in Belgium.


I would highly recommend Rodolphe to anyone who looks to become a confident driver and to pass the driving exam.

Although I have a driving licence from my home country for over 7 years, I rarely had the opportunity to drive so I was never a confident driver. After having moved to Belgium, I decided to improve my driving skills and to obtain a Belgian driving licence.
As a left hand driver without a car and with limited experience in driving a manual car, I felt my chance to pass the exam was limited. I completed almost 40 hours with traditional Auto-Ecole prior to taking my first exam. Needless to say, I failed.
I decided to look for an alternative driving coach who would help me to perfect my driving skills and teach me how to pass the exam. Rodolphe offered me exactly what I needed. He is very meticulous and a great coach. Thanks to his flexibility, I was able to book as many classes as I needed without having to wait months like at traditional Auto-Ecole. I felt my driving skills had improved significantly thanks to his excellent coaching. Most importantly, I became much more familiar with the exam routes and process, something which the traditional Auto-Ecole did not teach me.
I am very pleased to say that I passed the driving exam on my second attempt and I am much more confident in my driving. My only regret is I wish I had known about Rodolphe's coaching earlier. I would have definitely taken classes with him prior to my first exam.
Overall, I would highly recommend Rodolphe to anyone who looks to become a confident driver and to pass the driving exam.

Rodolphe has taught me how to drive, and especially where to look, in a whole new way.

When I came to Rodolphe I had just failed my driving test for the sixth (!) time and I was frankly convinced that I would never be able to pass my driving test again. It was not just the fact that my level was low, because the driving school had never taken the time to actually teach me how to drive well. But I even had no idea what I was doing wrong. Rodolphe took my car, me sitting next to him, and asked me to look exactly at what he did. In the lessons that followed I learned a lot. Rodolphe is strict, but he will make sure you will get to the high level that is needed to pass. His teaching has changed my driving completely. How I control the car, but also to look far ahead, to look before doing, to correctly use the mirrors, to communicate with other drivers. Because of the negative experiences of failing many exams, I had a lot of anxiety and exam stress. Rodolphe also taught me how to be relaxed behind the wheel, how to breath and speak to yourself and simply how to be in control. Yesterday I took the test the test again and I passed! I am so happy. Thanks a lot.

Thanks to Rodolphe's expertise and clear explanations I was able to pass the test.

After 20 hours of standard Brussels driving school I had neither the confidence nor the experience to pass the driving test. Thanks to Rodolphe's expertise and clear explanations I was able to pass the test. I cannot emphasize enough how important these lessons with Rodolphe were. He did not let his personal difficulties get in the way of professionalism as a driving instructor. I strongly recommend Rodolphe as a teacher and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the results.
Thank you Rodolphe.

Overall I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Rodolphe.

After passing my theory test, I did my 20 hours of driving school in the summer of 2017. However, after having completed the mandatory 20 hours I went straight off to university in England and I didn't have the chance to practice any driving for another 4 months. When I finally got back to Brussels in December I had lost a lot of the techniques that I had previously learned and most of all I had lost confidence in my ability.

Luckily, my Dad met Rodolphe and so we organised for me to have lessons with him so I could pass my practical. Rodolphe taught me in our family car which helped because when I practiced on my own it meant I was used to the car. Rodolphe's method of teaching is very calm and reassuring and he really makes sure to teach you exactly what you need to pass the test and more. I took my practical test for the first time in January and failed due to a few silly errors but after a couple more lessons I took it again and passed. Overall I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Rodolphe. His methods are very rigorous and they gave me the confidence in my own driving skills that I had been lacking.

Passed and have my full driver’s license!! (yeaay)

As an english speaking expat, living in Belgium for nearly 10 years,I finally decided to take the plunge and get my driving license (yipee!). So, Iike many others,I went to the school took 20 hours of lessons, and got my M18 License (120 Euros each time plus the time). The school driving instructor, may be, due to his restricted English was not able to tell me what I was doing wrong or even right. The vocabulary with him was limited to left, right,straight.After driving for nearly 15months on my own, I felt I was ready to sit for my practical exam. However, after a fraught and event filled pre-test sessions with the school,I failed my test miserably.

This was an expensive failure and I felt my driving had deteriorated because of the whole experience. I knew I need to look for something different, and voila I found Rodolphe.

Our first meeting, I explained him I don’t know what I am doing wrong, the school don’t seem to explain. He smiled, and said, okay drive as you do, then we will stop for a break and I will explain you the mistakes. We stopped, he did not just explain the mistakes verbally, but sat behind the wheel and showed me exactly what I was doing ! I was like yeah, I do drive like that and it’s not good, bit disappointed with my school.

What a exhilarating experience, and then explained how I should drive, where my foot should be placed, my arms, my eyes and taught me new techniques.
He gave me confidence in driving, and I remember my drive back home, I felt like a champion and drove like one (no not like Schumacher!)

Rodolphe,will change your idea of driving ,more confidence, vigilant, anticipation, reduce the stress behind the wheel and above all each class is tailored to your needs, unlike schools. The great thing is he asses your driving skill and then coaches you with a passion for driving and safety.

Within a month after my first class with Rodolphe, I sat for exam, passed and have my full driver’s license!! (yeaay), but above all he took stress out of my driving. He made driving enjoyable for me and that is driving in chaotic Brussels(gets worse during rains).

Based on my experience, I cannot recommend Rodolphe enough, he will change your vision about driving, improve your skills and as well teach you the art of “act but don’t react “.

I cannot thank Rodolphe enough.

Best Regards

I was looking for another solution and I found Go for Safe Driving

I'm 30 years old and as Non EU citizen that arrive to Belgium for any kind of reason, I had to deal with the problem to exchange my driver license in order to be able to drive or own a car.
This process for someone that already holds a driver license is basically in 2 steps: present theoretical and practical exam.
In my experience I had no problem with the theoretical exam since I passed at once, but regarding the practical exam I tried 3 times (1 time with a driving school and 2 times alone) without success. 
Since at each try I had to match to have a car to do the exam, have the appointment at normal time and also a translator (because I don’t speak French) I got a bit disappointment, so I was looking for another solution and I found Go for Safe Driving and Rodolphe Koentges.
With Rodolphe as a coach (is not the same as driving school) I learned different techniques and tips that improved my way of driving to be more “active” in the road and also drive in a safer & eco way; but the most important thing is that at the end I was ready to present the exam and pass it.
Based on my experience, I would recommend Rodolphe for people as me, that already have foreigner driver license and need to exchange it for an European one but also to the people that want to improve their driving skills.
Thanks so much,

Once again, I strongly strongly recommend Go For Safe Driving!

I have had such a phenomenal learning experience with Rodolphe of Go For Safe Driving (Cooldriving) and sincerely recommend it! I was fraught after having taken more than 45 hours with a Driving School in Brussels and failing the practical exam 3 times. With Rodolphe, I was able to gain confidence in my driving to be able to assess calmly and collectively the situation in which I was driving in. Along with the advantage of also learning how to drive ecofriendly from Rodolphe, I was pleasantly surprised by the flexible hours for which we could set up classes which would range from early morning to late evening and weekends!With Rodolphes expertise and the method in which his coaching is tailored to each individual, I was able to pass the practical exam on my first try with Rodolphe! (fourth try overall!)
Once again, I strongly strongly recommend Go For Safe Driving!

Thank you so much!

One year after completing my 20 hours at a driving school I did not feel ready at all to pass my driving test. I hadn't learned anything and didn't feel confident driving. 
Thankfully a friend told me about Rodolphe so I arranged to have some classes with him to prepare me for the test. And I am so happy I did contact him! Not only is Rodolphe passionate and serious about his job (and unlike the driving school classes actually start on time!), he is one of the best teachers I have ever met. I learned a whole new way of driving that is safe, economical and pleasurable! Rodolphe makes sure you are fully prepared for your exam which minimises any stress or worries on the day! I can't speak more highly of him. I would 100% recomend Rodolphe to anyone who is looking to pass their test or simply just to improve their driving technique. Thank you so much again Rodolphe!

Thank you Rodolphe!

Heavily pregnant and with 3 failed attempts behind me, I thought I'd never pass my driving test! That all changed thanks to Rodolphe's excellent coaching. Calm, patient and professional, he immediately understood what was holding me back and knew exactly how to address my weak points. 
His focus on safety and his outstanding expertise helped put me at ease and my confidence improved from the very first session. Go for Safe Driving offered excellent teaching and made all the difference for me. 
Thank you Rodolphe! With my license in hand, I have been enjoying driving more than I thought possible and am looking forward to getting better and safer. R O 


I recommend Rodolphe Koentges very highly! 
Having failed his practical driving test just after Christmas (an unfortunate, near-death experience at a Woluwe crossroads...!), my son was scheduled to try again less than 2 weeks later – squeezed in before he went back to university. 
Fortunately, a friend recommended Rodolphe, who kindly agreed to try to unlearn my son from all my bad driving habits, and instil ‘The Code’ instead.  Four 2-hour lessons later and... my son passed his second test! 
Bravo to him, bravo to Rodolphe.  I will not hesitate to ask Rodolphe to weave the same magic for my daughters, when they reach the same stage.

It was amazing

As an expat with no access to a car, learning to drive in Brussels was not easy. The 20 obligatory hours of lessons in a driving school did not fully prepare me to do the practical exam, particularly as the instructors - who changed for each lesson - did not speak English as the driving school promised, and learning through French meant an extra thing to concentrate on. 
I took lessons with Rodolphe after coming across his website as it was important for me to do additional lessons through English and with the same instructor each time. 
It was amazing - and disappointing - to see how little I learned from the driving school. 
The difference in my driving skills after a few hours with Rodolphe was huge and thanks to him I now have a full licence!

 Visit our website now  to learn more or contact us+32 (0)477 808 808  for further information on Cooldriving in Belgium.

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  • Melis C.
    07-07-2017 15:00
    C’est avec plaisir que j’ai pu constater l’intérêt qu’ils portaient à vos conseils, et surtout les questions qu’ils vous ont posés pendant cette formation. (..) Je ne regrette pas cette formation et même plus je la conseille au professionnel de la route .Monsieur Leenen Administateur gérant de la société City Tax
  • Iza A.
    07-07-2017 15:00
    En résume ce jour là j'ai pris une lessivée que je n'oublierai jamais, et j'ai passé une journée qui va résonner longtemps dans ma mémoire. J'ai appris énormément de choses en peu de temps. Quant à Francorchamps, superbe, impressionnant, très technique… JJL
  • Annelien R.
    07-07-2017 15:00
    L’activité est à recommander à tout ceux qui désirent, en toute convivialité, mieux comprendre leur véhicule et l'ensemble des systèmes d'aide à la conduite et qui ne craignent pas, d’intentionnellement, se mettre en « situation » périlleuse. La fratrie Sandrine, Martin et Jérôme
  • Jasmina W.
    07-07-2017 14:59
    Après avoir suivi la formation et sur le second parcours, j’ai fait une économie de 0.6l/100 . Cela peut paraître insignifiant, mais calculé sur le nombre de km/ an et le prix du carburant, le calcul est simple, j’économiserai +/- 180€/an!!! Yvan V.
  • Fran U.
    07-07-2017 14:59
    Pour obtenir des résultats et dépasser mes appréhensions, j’ai compris qu’il me fallait une méthode adaptée à mes besoins. Rodolphe a compris immédiatement mon problème et a pris le temps de me proposer une approche personnalisée, sans jamais perdre patience. Rodolphe m’a appris d’excellents réflexes et m’ont permis de réussir mon permis de conduire. M.C.
  • Pelin V.
    06-07-2017 10:04
    Cela fait 19 ans que j’ai mon permis et que je n’ose plus conduire sur autouroute. J’ai repris plusieurs heures de cours à auto école, mais sans succès. Une fois seule dans mon véhicule, sans la double conduite, je n’étais pas très rassuré. Lors de votre coaching, après environ 5 minutes de conduite, vous avez compris d’où venait mon problème.